Fall in Love With Yourself

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At The Fountain of You, Mind & Body we pride ourselves on treating our clients like our patients and our patients like family. Our Medical Director, Dr. Craig B. Wiener, has spent the last 30 plus years practicing as a prominent provider of Women’s Healthcare providing him with the distinct opportunity to see the first hand benefits of regenerative medicine over the course of a lifetime. This experience is at the core of our philosophy and purpose at The Fountain of You! We want to encourage you to be proactive about your physical and mental health for optimal wellness, and we have many options for helping you get there.

We believe in seeing every person as part of a complex whole. One day you may benefit from nutritional coaching and weight management and IV infusion therapy the next. A person’s goals and needs change over time, we want to be here to support you in becoming your absolute best self-inside and out.

Self-care, or as we call it “self-health”, as you might already be aware, was one of 2018’s biggest health and wellness trends and is poised to be the cornerstone of 2019’s beauty campaigns.
Self-care is making itself known in a variety of ways: as a commitment to healthy habits, as an act of self-love, and even as political act for some; as Audre Lorde stated in 1988, “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”

In a time when we are constantly bombarded with social media posts and constant updates, it seems like every day we feel the pressures of following the “correct” news outlet, choosing the right Instagram filter, or understanding the latest slang & memes. That’s why we think self-care, however you define it personally, should always be valued! Over and over again, we are forced to pay special attention to how we present ourselves online, how we compare to others, how we navigate our social spheres- the result can have devastating effects on our self-esteem.

Our favorite aspect of self-care is that it’s really all up to your interpretation – as long as it makes you feel good about yourself and it isn’t harming anyone, to each their own! Self-care can of course include stereotypical practices like meditation, social media breaks, and days at the spa. But self-care has also grown to be accepted in a number of unique, technologically-savvy ways, most noticeably in another 2018 trend that we happen to offer laser therapies: non-invasive body contouring, SculpSure for fat destruction and FemTouch for vaginal rejuvenation. These are just some of the many services we offer as part of our ‘rejuvenate for life’ menu.

One of our main goals here is to remind you to fall in love with caring for yourself and feel empowered by the experience. We hope you check-in again soon for more details on our many opportunities to achieve your self-health goals!