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Fillers services offered in Paramus, NJ

Fillers enhance your appearance by altering facial contours, improving their symmetry or proportions. At The Fountain of You, Mind & Body in Paramus, New Jersey, Craig Wiener, MD, FACOG, and the team provide fillers alongside other non-surgical cosmetic treatments. These injectables can treat larger wrinkles, thin lips, and recessed scars. Book an appointment by phone or online today to learn more. 

Fillers Q&A

What are fillers?

Fillers are injectable products used for cosmetic alterations to the appearance of your face or hands. 

As you age, the amount of supple fat beneath your skin diminishes. Fillers boost volume in these areas. Even if you have not yet experienced many changes due to aging, you might be interested in using fillers to recontour certain areas of your face or boost its volume.

At The Fountain of You, Mind & Body, the team injects small amounts of filler carefully so they can build up to your ideal result without overdoing it. During a brief consultation, the team reviews your medical history, asks about your goals, and develops a personalized plan.

Alongside fillers, you can get other cosmetic treatments at The Fountain of You, Mind & Body, such as body contouring with SculpSure® or wrinkle removal with Botox® injections. 

What are the benefits of fillers?

Fillers can make several subtle or not-so-subtle changes to your face and hands according to your specified goals and expectations. The team at The Fountain of You, Mind & Body might recommend fillers for a specific area you want to treat or for several areas to save you the time. 

Using the high-end fillers available at The Fountain of You, Mind & Body, you can:

  • Plump or reshape your lips
  • Improve the proportions of your lips
  • Diminish lines and wrinkles
  • Improve facial symmetry
  • Enhance the volume of your cheeks
  • Add volume to the backs of your hands
  • Fill in small or recessed scars

When you arrive for your treatment, the team offers a topical anesthetic to make your procedure as comfortable as possible. Some fillers contain lidocaine, a numbing agent, to improve your comfort. 

How long do the results of fillers last?

The duration of your results with fillers depends on the type of filler. Many popular fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance that is already naturally present throughout your body and dissolves over time. 

Depending on the area you treat, fillers can last for six months to upwards of a year. Then, you can visit for follow-up injections to keep enjoying their results. 

Other fillers contain substances that increase collagen production in your skin, making their results longer lasting. For fillers containing ingredients like poly-L-lactic acid, you can expect results for two years or longer.

Schedule your dermal fillers consultation over the phone or online at The Fountain of You, Mind & Body today.